Nomadic Stars Project は、アーティストの渡辺望(わたなべ・のぞみ)が欧州全体をとりまく難民・移民問題や、特定の場所にとらわれずに生活や仕事をするライフスタイルなど、今日の世界情勢や多様に変化する生き方への高い関心を受けて開催された「Nomads」展(2017年、チェコ共和国)の参加をきっかけにスタートしたプロジェクト作品です。星を頼りに移動する遊牧民から着想を得たこのプロジェクトを通して、人々は<自分の星>を所有し、それらが保管される場所を地図上に記し、地上に星空のパターンを描いていきます。

Nomadic Stars Project has lunched by a Japanese artist Nozomi Watanabe. In 2017 she participated in the exhibition Nomads (Pilsen, Czech Republic) that was held with high interest in today's world situation such as the issue of refugees or immigrants and variously changing way of life such as nomadic workers. With this as a trigger, she got a new idea from the fact that people once used stars in the night sky to know their locations and their direction. Through the project people have their own stars, mark the points where people keep their stars on a map, and create a starry sky on the earth.


As of September 2019, 490 people in 8 countries own star boxes, forming a starry sky on the earth. (Czech Republic: 16, UK: 13, Germany: 3, Italy: 1, Spain: 2, Turkey: 1, Mexico: 1, Japan: 326+127)



Although nowadays we can search for location information and route easily through the development of technology, once stars in the night sky played its role and was deeply related to our lives as an important existence for knowing our position and direction. Through the project, stars owned by people would guide others and illuminate their own ways as "stars on the earth”, connecting people, land, the earth and the universe.



Make a wooden box to keep 'your own star'



Hold various activities with the star box



From the pattern of the starry sky on the earth to art work